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Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer

Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer

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Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer Features

  • Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer:
  • Fully Capable of All Your Diving Needs
  • Scuba Diving, Free Diving or Nitrox Trained It Does It All!
  • Buhlmann ZH-L-16C Algorithm: Helps Guide You to Manage All Your Diving Needs
  • Every Setting is Available to Customize
  • Dive Computer Work Best for You
  • Stylish Enough to Wear Every Day
  • Lightweight Wrist Mount Dive Computer Provides Daily Timepiece Capabilities
  • Simple Function Navigation
  • Dive Log, Smart Phone Wireless Sync & Long Battery Life
  • User Friendly Rechargeable Battery
  • Audible & Vibration Alarms, Hibernation Mode to Conserve Battery Life
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Scuba Mode:
    Automatic Dive Timer
    3 Conservative Factor (CF) Levels
    CF1 Most Conservative
    CF2 Conservative
    CF3 Least Conservative
    Choose Amount of Safety Factor Depending On Your Diving Habits & Physical Condition
    Nitrox & PPO2 Settings
    Nitrox Mixes Up to 56%
  • Scuba Mode Continued:
    Ascent Rate Alarm, NDL Constant Display
    Deco Stop Information
    Depth & Time Alarms
    Sample Rate Adjustment G-Sensor
    No Fly Indicator
  • Maximum Operational Depth: 328' (100m)
  • Reset Mode for Multiple User Compatibility
  • Free Dive Mode:
    Provides Surface Intervals
    Maximum Depth
    Maximum Ascent & Descent Speed
    Average Ascent & Descent Speed
    Dive Time Alarm
    Depth Alarm
    Surface Interval Alarm
  • Watch Mode:
    Kick'n in Town After Dives Looking for a Meal
    Working-In the Office
    Reliable & Stylish Timepiece
    Perfect Companion
    12 or 24-Hour Time Format
    Date & Day
  • Backlight Function for Low Light Conditions
  • Durable Rubber Wrist Band
  • Owner's Manual
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