About Us


Our story

Eastern Sports is your go-to small business for all outdoor recreational needs. The company was developed by Dr. Phil DePalo who fell in love with outdoor and scuba-related pursuits. The company has humble beginnings starting with a small trailer to where we are now with multiple rental locations, a retail store, and an eCommerce website. Being a small company in Baltimore, we have big plans to branch out and reach out to as many people, communities, and areas as possible.


We ask that each customer come with a fresh mind

One of our main goals is to try and get people to experience watersports in a variety of ways if they haven’t before. Eastern Watersport focuses on making sports and outdoor recreation accessible. We make sports equipment affordable for all through quality, tested, and warrantied pre-owned equipment. Our goal is for people of all ages and experiences to get out there and try something new!