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We buy all used sporting goods. SCUBA, Watersports, Winter Sports, Lacrosse, etc. We started in the watersports business but have expanded to much, much more!

Who We Are: We are Eastern Watersports, a division of Eastern Marine Services, Inc. of Baltimore, MD.   We use the web address simply to differentiate our buying program from other aspects of the business.

What We Do: We buy pre-owned SCUBA & Watersports equipment from private sellers, retail stores and manufacturers. We will buy one piece or entire warehouses full of inventory.  The process is  fast and easy and payments to you  are made  quickly once a deal is made. The items we buy are then inspected, serviced as needed and re-sold through our physical store location with a 30 Day In-House Warranty* (see disclaimers)

How Does it Work?: The process is fast and easy. First, call or email us to find out if we’re interested in buying your gear. You may use the contact form below or  call us directly at (443)-730-0300. We will ask you to send us a number of representative photos of the gear you are selling and a complete list of the inventory.   We will then give you a tentative quote.   If you agree with the quote, we will give you an SA (Shipping authorization number.) You will then ship your gear to us.   You will need to package it up and provide us weight and dimensions so we can issue you labels. Inside the box please include  four very important things: 1. A photocopy of your valid drivers license (*required for security tracking) showing your current home address 2. Your Phone Number  3. The SA number we provided to you and 4.  Your PayPal Email Address (If you would like to be paid quickly via PayPal.)

Once we have received your items, we will evaluate them to make sure they are in the same condition as described and email or call you to complete the transaction.

If you accept our offer, simply reply  to the EMAIL or phone call with YES, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER. Once we receive this email or verbal confirmation, we will make a deposit into your PayPal account the same day. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail  a Eastern Marine  Services business check  to the address you provided. In addition, when you  accept our offer, we will also reimburse you for what you paid to ship your item to us. Please make sure the postage cost is clearly printed on the  shipping label. This is the amount we will pay. If your shipping label does not show the postage amount, we will not reimburse this cost.

If you do not accept out offer, simply reply via EMAIL or phone with NO, I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR OFFER. Once we receive this notification, we will re-box your items and return them to you .

If you are close enough to our retail store to bring your items in for on-the-spot evaluation. In addition, don’t forget to bring a valid drivers license. This is required to sell us equipment.

Why Sell Your Equipment to Us?: Once we make a purchase, especially of pre-owned gear, we assess it, service it if needed, and resell it on the secondary market with a FULL 30 DAY Eastern Watersports  WARRANTY. The secondary equipment market is flooded with questionable SCUBA & Watersports equipment. By that we mean potentially unsafe equipment. Our job is to buy it, service it and ensure it is safe for the end user.  Some items on the secondary market have been recalled and often both the sellers and  buyers are unaware of the dangers. We research every item we buy and take the appropriate actions before reselling.

What Do We Pay for Gear?: In general, we start backward from Fair Market Value  to determine what the equipment is worth in it’s current condition  as we receive it..  What that basically means is that many factors come in to play when determining  the value of any particular item. Some brands are more desirable than others, so we pay more for those. Within each brand, some models are more desirable than others. Some brands are not desirable because parts are hard to find, expensive  or the company is out of business. Units that are functional when they arrive bring more money than those that are not functioning. Dry rot, corrosion, fading etc, all come into play. Tanks that are in hydro and visual are worth more than those that are not. Items under recall, badly damaged etc, will cause us to pay less. When we make our final offer to you, the valuation will be clearly explained as to how we arrived at that number. Generally speaking we are in business to make money, however we are not in business to rip you off. We know our evaluations are fair. You must take into consideration not only what we pay you, but what  our costs will be to service the item and make it safe for use by the end user. It does us no good to “rip you off,” as we depend on referrals from people like yourself. Most gear we buy comes from someone who was referred to us by another seller.

Where Can You Buy Gear from Eastern Watersports?:  You can find amazing deals on the gear we buy, service and resell on our main website at Eastern Watersports, or simply drop by our retail location at 1923 Old Eastern Ave, Essex, MD 21221. You’ll receive personal shopping assistance and a great 30 Day warranty on all of our pre-owned Gear.

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Sell Us Your Gear

Would you like one of our buyers to contact you before sending us your items? We can give you an estimate over the phone or via email for most items. The information you provide below is confidential and will not be sold or used for any other purpose. You can expect a call from us within 24 hours of submitting this form.

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