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TUSA RS-1001 Balanced Regulator

TUSA RS-1001 Balanced Regulator

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The TUSA RS-1001 Balanced Diaphragm, Lightweight Yoke Style Regulator is a flexible, versatile regulator that’s easily customized to suit each diver’s needs and preferences.

  • Compact, lightweight yoke style regulator with balanced diaphragm first stage

  • First stage offers 2 LP, 2 HFP, 2 HP ports

  • Second stage includes Venturi air flow direction adjustment lever

  • Orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue

  • Second stage allows for right or left hand configuration

The balanced diaphragm R1000 first stage is precision-tuned, compact and lightweight. The first stage has a full complement of four low-pressure ports, including two HLP ports that provide an air flow increase of up to 15%, and two high-pressure ports: that’s six ports in all.

On the second stage, the Venturi flow adjustment lever controls the direction of air through the mouthpiece, allowing the diver to choose the most comfortable direction for smooth delivery of air and easy breathing.

The ridges and flexible material of the ortho-conscious mouthpiece offer greater control without the need for added bite pressure. This allows the diver to hold the mouthpiece in a comfortable, natural position to reduce tension in the jaw.
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