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RX-100-D-RO Receive Only w/ Audio Out Patch Cable

RX-100-D-RO Receive Only w/ Audio Out Patch Cable

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Model#: 900412-022

RX-100 unit w/ 18" Rec. Out Cable terminated w/ male E/O conn. to connect to u/w video housing.

The RX-100-D-RO Buddy Phone ® Receive Only unit is designed to plug into a Female E/O connector on your camera housing and feed live audio into the microphone input on your camera. The RX-100-D-RO is an excellent choice if you are seeking the least expensive way to feed live audio directly into your camera input.

How it works.. The RX-100-D-RO is a modified RX-100 unit. The standard RX-100 unit sits on the side of your standard scuba face mask (over the side of your ear) and all it does is receive audio coming from another Buddy Phone, SSB-2010, or any through water communications unit that operates on Channel 1 (32.768 Khz Upper Sideband). This audio is then played through the speaker and you hear it real time. This works great for a recreational scuba diver or a scuba instructor wanting to give instruction - but we wanted to modify the RX-100 so that instead of playing the audio through the speaker it would instead route the audio out through the cable and directly into your u/w camera housing.

Bring your underwater films out of the "silent" era with this easy to use Receive Only unit. Contact your OTS Representative for more information.

(The RX-100 is compatible with all OTS through water communications systems (surface and diver) and receives on Channel 1.)

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