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Receive ONLY Buddy Phone w/Squelch

Receive ONLY Buddy Phone w/Squelch

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Model#: 900408-019

The RX-100 2D-A Buddy Phone ® Receive Only unit is designed as an acoustic underwater listening device to be used with all Buddy Phone ® or Aquacom ® transceivers within range and on the same frequency. The diver simply attaches the RX-100 to his own face mask and is ready to go. When the diver enters the water, the RX-100 powers up and cycles to the receive mode—ready to receive a message.

The RX-100 is the most powerful tool an Instructor or Tour Guide can use. It allows verbal communications helping the new diver feel more secure.

The RX-100 is compatible with all OTS through water communications systems (surface and diver) and receives on Channel 1.

RX-100 Specifications

Nominal Range:
50 to 500 meters depending on sea conditions and noise levels.

Refer. Frequency:
32.768 kHz upper single sideband

Audio Bandwidth:
300 Hz to 3,000 Hz

Auto. Gain Control:
Greater than 80 dB

Ceramic with dynamic depth compensation


Ceramic cylinder

Acoustic Power

Battery Type:
Alkaline 9V "transistor" type

Operating Depth:
130 fsw

Weight in Air:
8.1 oz. (229.64 grams)

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