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SCUBALiquidators.com, Eastern Watersports, Eastern Marine Services,  Inc. and easternwatersports on eBay are owned and operated by Eastern Marine Services,  Inc, a Maryland Corporation.

All of the above, for legal purposes are herein known as "the company," and hereby state the following for public record.

Among the many services offered, we BUY, SELL and TRADE SCUBA equipment from, with and to the public at large. We collect the current name and address (valid state or Federal Government issued Photo ID / License or Passport,) phone number and email (if available) from every person we buy from, trade with or sell to for the sole purpose of record keeping as may be required by local, State or Federal Law. We do not sell or provide this information to anyone outside of the company.

We keep the information of those that sell equipment to us in an attempt to ensure that we are not buying stolen property and to provide the collected information to law enforcement should the need arise. All payments are made in the form of a business check from Eastern Marine  Services Inc. for tracking purposes and are made out directly to the individual selling us the gear.

Once you have agreed to accept our offer for your items and we have made payment to you, you waive all ownership and claim to the items. By selling to us, you are stating that the items you are selling are yours and yours alone and that no other person can make a legal claim of ownership. You further agree that should any person make such a claim and that such claim is found to be a legal and valid one, you will reimburse the company all monies paid to you for those items. You may also be subject to criminal prosecution.

Law enforcement should contact us at 443-730-0300 for assistance. We will cooperate fully with any investigation.


Eastern Marine  Services Inc. offers a 30 DAY SERVICE WARRANTY on most items we re-sell. To obtain service under this warranty, simply return the item along with a copy of your original receipt to: Eastern Marine  Services Inc., WARRANTY Dept., 1923 Old Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD 21221. The item will be evaluated and serviced at no cost. You will pay the shipping to us and we will pay to ship the item back to you. If the item can not be repaired, it will be replaced with a similar (not always the exact same) item of approximate value. If we can not repair the item or replace the item, we will refund up to 50% of the original purchase price (at our discretion.) By purchasing items from us, you agree to this warranty and waive all other rights and claims associated with the item. Our goal is to make you happy. Be fair with us and we will be fair with you.

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